UC Portal

Cloud Business Phones UC Portal

Control your hosted telephony easily and efficiently

One of the benefits of upgrading to hosted telephony is the versatility and productivity of online portals and the features of a unified communications (UC) solutions.

What is the Cloud Business Phones UC portal?
This cloud-based software is an online management system you can access to monitor your communications from any web-based device.

The main aspects that make the Cloud Business Phones Portal so appealing to businesses include:

  • A centralised dashboard
  • Intuitive, easy to use design
  • Multiple login permissions
  • Mobility out of office
  • Advanced reporting tools
  • Real-time presence to aid collaboration

Advanced features of Cloud Business Phones
Discover the in-depth features you could be using almost instantly to increase efficiency and productivity. Cloud Business Phones supports all the major browsers giving you ease of access to view and configure the settings including:

  • Voicemail notifications
  • Call Diverts
  • Simultaneous ringing options
  • Call records
  • Search for users by name
  • Update account settings

Easy to Use
For ease and convenience, the interface is intuitive and most users find it easy to learn and utilise to maximum effect.

Increases productivity
A number of features included in this portal create a working environment where your communications can be managed efficiently and users can increase their productivity. Reporting software is available that enables users to view and create reports.

Here are some of the features that can help improve productivity:

  • Click to Dial enables you to call by simply redialling any number from the missed calls, dialled calls and received calls lists.
  • Call Logs enable you to view and analyse call information, call dates, times and duration.
  • Quick Feature Management enables quick access to the most commonly used features.
  • Users can manage and control their own telephony within the predefined rules of the company.
  • Site Administration allows rules to be set a company to control allocation of features and applications to users.